Wash Away The The Bad

Jan. 9. 2009
I LOVE showers. Being in the warm water, with the door closed and no one to bother me, that is definitely my happy place. Any time I am upset or angry or even just sick I would jump into the bathtub, turn on the shower and plop myself on the bathtub floor and let the water roll down me, washing away all the bad. Showers are one of my favourite things about being alive. But lately they make me sad. I used to sing to you in the shower. I made up silly songs about how happy we were and what a wonderful child you would grow up to be. Like I said they were silly songs. Now I sit there in silence and play with my shower puff and the soap dreaming of the day that I can sing to you again. And then I smile to myself because I know that it won't be long. You are coming. And I'm certain you will be a winter baby. I did always find it odd for some unknown reason that I was having a summer baby. I guess it's because deep down inside I must have known you wouldn't be staying long. But don't wait too long to return. You know how I hate to wait.


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