The Secret is Out.

Dec. 25, 2009

POPPY!, sweetie! everyone was so excited! Daddy and I went to my parent's on Christmas Eve. I couldn't contain the news any longer. I just couldn't do it. So we gave them their tiny little gift boxes with the stockings in them while we were opening gifts. Memere was the first to open them even though I told her to wait for everyone else to open them at the same time. As everyone else was just beginning to untie the bows on their boxes she was already jumping off the couch hollering so loud that her voice went hoarse, "She's PREGNANT!" and then ran over to me with a hug that would crush boulders.

At that point I looked over to Uncle Steve and auntie Megan who were whispering quietly to each other on the couch. Odd to have such a secret reaction to such big news, and then it hit me... "Oh my god! they have news too!". Just then Auntie Megan turned away from Uncle Steve and starts to giggle. A giant grin comes over her face and she says "We're pregnant too!" and then more giggles erupt from her mouth. Only no one reacted. She was giggling so much we all thought she must be joking. Except of course for me. Everyone started laughing with her thinking she was being her usually silly self until I asked "Are you really?" and through her continuous laughter she managed to say "Yes, I really am" That is when I jumped out of my pants and made a run at her. I embraced her tightly and we danced around on the floor. It took a while for it to sink in but Memere suddenly jumped up from her comfortable spot on the couch and joined us on the floor with another boulder crushing hug.

Oh Poppy! You are going to have a cousin who is only 3 weeks younger then you! And that means Auntie Meg and I get to be on Maternity leave together! This will be the greatest year ever. Of course poor Memere and Grandpa are going to be exhausted with the two of you around. But it will be great exercise for them. Today we get to tell Grandma and Papa!


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