Late Again!

Feb. 21, 2009

I woke up Saturday morning feeling like a pile of doggy poop. I didn't eat enough the night before because I had a stomach ache and then thought that the consumption of some red wine would make me feel better. After all, I just peed on a stick the night before. It told me that all my wild attempts at conception hadn't been a success. So why not have a glass or two of wine. Because it makes me feel like poop that's why!

I was parched and decided to get up for a glass of ice cold water and expected to have the unwelcomed discomfort of cramps to go along with the poopy feeling. Nothing? I'm never late. How can there be nothing? So I went to the lou and checked. There really was nothing. So I waited. All day. And still nothing.

The next morning I woke up again and waited to notice the cramps that I thought MUST be coming and yet again... nothing. Odd. But I've peed on 3 sticks! All of which whom told me I was indeed without child. How could there be nothing? Not even a sign of it! 3 days passed me by and still no sign of my friend Scarlett. She was still a no show. And all this time I had still been taking my basal body temperature which was still in the high 98 degree marks. So I went to my informer Alicia. She gave me the look of - OH MY GOD! then said "Take another TEST!" Still unsure I decided to Google it. Turns out that if your basal body temperature remains at a high temperature for more then 18 days there is a very good chance that you have the beginnings of a baby growing in your belly.

I froze. Could it be? Is it possible? But I took 3 tests! However I took them in the evening and apparently it's best to do it first thing in the morning when I have the highest concentration of hormones built up. Oh my god! I could be pregnant! I might be pregnant Poppy! God I hope so! Hold your breath, I'll let you know the results tomorrow morning.


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