Mind Over Matter

August 24, 2009

Today was a good day. I woke up this morning feeling energized rather then like I may pass out or vomit. The air was cool and crisp with a slight tinge of dewiness rather then the heavy damp heat that threatened to suffocate or swell me to the point of implosion. I felt pretty rather then rotund and achy. And I was going to go to St. Joes to see you again. That's right, today was the day of my 3rd ultra sound.

Most women only need 1 or 2 ultra sounds unless they are considered to have some risks to their pregnancy. As you may recall I have a low lying placenta. All that means is that I would have to have a hospital birth rather then the home birth I've been dreaming of in case I Hemoriged or bleed out. But just as I knew it would, my placenta moved up and my home birthing dreams can still come true. My neighbors will be so happy to hear of it. Which reminds me, I should actually warn them about that. Otherwise the day of your birth may include a bunch of cops stopping by the house on a report of suspected domestic violence called in by unnerved neighbors who over heard my screams of anguish and anger. I'm sure they'll think I've been beating your father.

Aside from my placenta moving up we also got to see a fantastic view of your face! I really thought at this point you would be skin and bone but to our pleasant surprise you have a beautiful oval face, full round cheeks, large sleepy eyelids, and a sweet little heart shaped mouth that opened up in a full yawn. As soon as you opened your mouth your daddy shouted in excitement "Oh my GOD! WOW look at that!" I'm certain he could be heard all the way down the hall and into the waiting room where other awaiting parents sat quietly waiting their turn. The ultra sound technician told us that you were developing well, that you were head down, and that you were almost 4lbs.

4 pounds. That frightens me a little. You're supposedly already 4 pounds and I have 10 weeks to go. In the last few weeks before you are due you can gain up to a lb a week! I'm all for having a healthy baby but I'm having a natural birth! Do NOT make me push you out of me if you plan on being a 10 lb baby! Of course I've read that the estimate they give you for weight can be very wrong at times. So maybe you're really 2 pounds. I'm going to convince myself that you are going to be a small 6 pound 8 ounce baby at birth. That way I'll barely notice the intense burning as all 8 pounds 5 ounces of you come tearing out of me. Mind over matter


Stephers said...

Great news that you should be able to have a home birth. Best of luck to you :o )

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