Bossed Around In my Sleep

The other day I was compared to a balloon. As much as I would have loved to, I really couldn't argue with that analogy. My face is swollen, my legs, my hands and most definitely my feet! My feet are so swollen that the shoes I've been wearing have rubbed so much against my big toe that it caused nerve damage and I no longer have feeling in my left big toe. Nothing fits me anymore. Not even my maternity clothing. I still wear them of course, I can't very well walk around naked in this condition. I'd love to though!

The fact of the matter is, that you are just getting too big. You've already taken over my sleeping habits. If I'm laying on one side and decide I'd be more comfortable on the other side, I will very slowly roll onto my back, let you adjust, then slowly roll onto the opposite side. Sounds easy right? Well you are very mistaken. It's easy if you're asleep. However if you are awake and you don't want to be on the other side you make sure I know it. You will actually refuse to adjust with me. You will stay on the side you want to be on. I will actually have to reach over, PICK YOU UP, and hold you in my hands while rolling. Then when I get to the position I thought would be more comfortable I will let go, only to have you kick and punch and roll around in dispute. Sometimes if I'm lucky I can rub your bum to calm you down. If you are feeling compliant you will go back to sleep, if you are particularly stubborn that night NOTHING will make you relax and I'll have to carefully roll back over to the original position I was in. You are so bossy!


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