Purees, Vaccinations and Execersausers!

7 Months

It drives me nuts that I'm missing so many things that I should be writing down but I just don't have the time!, that or, I forget to. I shouldn't admit that to you! But sometimes sleep is more alluring then my garish computer screen. Let's see.... Well you've been sitting up on your own for over a month now. You saw Ryleigh do it one day and decided that you could do it too. Within 2 days of seeing her sit on her own you were also sitting on your own. Of course you couldn't sit up for longer then 2 seconds before flopping over on your side, but it didn't take you long to master it. 

You love to eat Avocados, Bananas, Sweet potatoes, Parsnips, Carrots and Banana Rice cereal. You however hate pretty much everything else. But I just can bring myself to believe that you don't like fruit. Especially apple sauce! So I keep trying and you very calmly refusing to eat it. I'll manage to get the first spoon full in. That's when you give me a look of disappointment mixed with mild disgust, and after that your lips are sealed. There is no way you will let another spoon full past your lips. In a desperate attempt to immaturely show you how very wrong you are I take your spoon and I eat the entire contents in front of you while Mmmmmming and Yummmming in your face. You however don't seem to care that I'm enjoying your food. 

I took you last Wednesday to get your second set of vaccinations. This time I was much braver then last and went with out the aid of your father. The Dr. was so impressed with your mild mannerisms and contentment. But you were naked and in a new room. That's all it really takes to keep you happy. Hopefully by the time you are 10 you'll have grown out of that. I'd hate for the neighbors to call me one afternoon to tell me that my son is lounging in their computer room nude with a giant grin of contentment on his face. Your grin turned to disappointment when the Dr. and nurse inserted their needles in your upper thighs though. You looked calmly at one, then turned your head calmly to the other and within seconds of your accusing glare your entire head turned red and you let out a scream of rage. But I was prepared. I took your soother, dipped it in maple syrup, and inserted it rapidly into your mouth causing instant relief. You love maple syrup. I wonder if when you are older and your back hurts from working hard in the yard you'll have a sudden craving for maple syrup? I give it to you when ever you are so upset that I can't calm you.  

After your Dr.s appointment I took you to Toys R Us to buy you and excersaucer for being such a good boy. It took me 2 hours to put it together. You sat next to me on the floor while handling the pieces and smashing them on the floor. It is now your favourite toy. And really how could it not be? It's a circle of crazy flashing, noisy jungle fun!

There is so much more but I'm too tired to remember any of it so I'm going to go to bed. When I see you in the morning I"m sure I'll remember the rest and I'll be back to write it down for you. 



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