Catching Up

October 15, 2010

It's been so long since I've recorded anything about you here. So much got in the way. Lack of sleep for starters. And then there was that ridiculous competition that your father and I entered for a $100,000. wedding. Aunt Laura sent us an e-mail regarding a competition for a wedding that she suggested we give a spin to see what happens. So, we decided to give a shot and see how far we could go to win a popularity competition. Lets just say that out of 177 couples we remained number one in popularity. We managed to make the top 3 and once that occurred we were asked to come in and sign some papers that spelled out the winnings of the competition.

Basically after 2 months of insanity, hard work, sleep deprived nights and the constant harassment of everyone we know we finally found out what we were killing ourselves over. We were told it was a dream wedding. It wasn't. Not even close. There was no meal, no seating, no choice in decor or fashion, the dress was rented, the bar was cash, and most importantly we were told you were not allowed to be there. And that was when we signed off. There was no point what so ever to continue with a competition for a wedding that would not allow the very reason we wanted to marry. We want to be a complete family. One that shares the same last name, and a single moment in time where we swear before the world that we will cherish, love and protect each other come what may. If you couldn't be a part of it then what was the point? I know just as well as the next person that the ceremony of matrimony is just that, a sweet little ceremony, with a very romantic gesture of love. However the ceremony is not what makes a marriage. Two people who dedicate their lives to each other, to offer unconditional love, support, friendship and trust is what makes a marriage. Lets be honest, you don't need a ceremony for that or a certificate from the government stating that they recognize you as a married couple. 

The competition judging panel reassured us that they would do their best to accommodate you once they saw that we were about to walk away from it all but our bubble was already deflated by that point. We stopped campaigning to win after that. We took 3 steps back and let the couple who really wanted the wedding to win. But I lost 2 months of my life and yours for that competition. 

Something good did however come out of all the time I spent on the computer away from you, campaigning to win. You became very self sufficient. Where as before you were very clinging and stuck to my hip, you learned that you could trot about the house on your knees and palms, gabbing away to yourself and functioning just fine without me. 

Your favourite things are my paint brushes. Every day, several times a day, you find my jar of brushes, removed each one individually, test each one for a proper fit, pick out your favourite (it's always the same one, the red long stem fan brush) and you wobble about the house brushing, dusting or perhaps painting the walls, the floors, the furniture and the dog for several hours.

Your love for brushes has since been replaced for your love of cars. You love cars. Daddy comes home from work every day, whisks you up in his arms and carries you away for some good 'ol daddy, son entertainment. You have a little fisher price toy barn that opens up much the same way a lunch box would, inside the barn is a cow, a sheep, a tractor, a farmer and some fencing. Every time your daddy would get the tractor he would drive it over the floor and make a rumbling sound by vibrating his lips together. It took you a day to learn that sound and since then you drive anything and everything around the house and up the walls as though it were a car, whilst making engine noises. It doesn't seem to matter if it's a vehicle or not. For example, you'll take my computer mouse around the house and drive it up and down the kitchen cabinets as though it were a Porsche. The only problem with that is that when ever I need my mouse I can't ever seem to find it.


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