In The Most Unlikely Place

The Story of you started long before you even existed. I'm fairly certain that it will continue long after your father and I have passed and we are just soft whispers of inspiration in your ear. So I think it obvious that I couldn't possibly start from the very beginning as there just isn't enough time in a day. But your story should be told just the same. So I think it best to start some where in the middle with how your father and I met.

Your father and I were introduced to one another by our dear friend Lisa Linton. He was 21. I was 28. However at the time neither of us were interested in being introduced to one another. You see there was just too much of an age difference between us. What was the point in meeting when nothing would come of it in the end? But Lisa saw something that your father and I did not, so she persisted.

Eventually I became part of Lisa's band of merry friends, your father of whom was one of them. So naturally he and I became acquainted with each other over a period of months. I wouldn't say we were friends though. He and I would have small talk here and there but mostly we liked to pick on each other. I loved to watch him though. I thought he was beautiful to look at. I even found myself missing his presence when we were all out together and he was absent.

One night while we were all out at an Irish pub watching a cover band, he invited me to join him on a fancy red couch he had been occupying by himself. I sat next to him for the remainder of the evening while we analyzed the couples surrounding us. We would make up stories of how they had met, what they did for a living, and if they would stay together or break up in a fit of jealousy. Shortly after that evening he started to come by to visit me from time to time. We would sit in the living room of my 3rd story apartment and talk all night while sipping on red wine and listening to music. It was almost instant how we became the best of friends.


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