Wine Makes Babies Less Scary

After the two bedrooms were renovated and carpeted your father decided to give me a break from the chaotic mess and renovating came to a halt that following summer. We sat out back in our pretty little yard under the trees and played games by candle light or sit by the fire pit and listen to your father tell me stories about work and painting. He's nuts you know. That man can go on about paint for hours! One night over a very heated game of Connect Four he told me he was ready to have children. I of course didn't take him seriously at all. This is after all the same man I had to sob and beg to get a dog with. I had concluded that wine he'd been drinking had loosened up the connection from his brain to his tongue. Then he went on about how he thinks he'd be a great father, how much fun it would be and how he's not afraid anymore. I still didn't believe him. He carried on for a while until I beat him at Connect Four and he suddenly sobered up. He'll likely tell you that he beat me but he has a shotty memory.


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