A Blueberry With A Tail

So today I am told that you are the size of a blueberry and you are developing fingers and toes. You'll love this, you also have a tail! Yup, a little puppy dog tail. I think it's kind of cute but it will shrink away to nothing soon.

This past Saturday I was visiting with Helen at her parents house which is just a country block away from Memere and Grandpa's house. We were walking to the car to get Hadley's baby blanket and bottle and I was overwhelmed with the desire to tell Helen about you! I tried to talk myself out of it. I'm not supposed to tell any one yet until you are bigger and stronger. There's always a chance that I could miscarry you and lose you forever. And if that were to happen, heaven forbid, I would be devastated. I wouldn't want people talking about it to me and making me more upset. So I'm supposed to keep it a secret. But i just couldn't keep you a secret from Helen.

We were walking down the steps of the front porch towards Helen's car and I said "Can I tell you something that you are NOT allowed to tell anyone!?" And as soon as I said that she whipped around to look at me and her face was light up like a light bulb. She glanced at me with her head caulked to one side and a grin from ear to ear and said "Are you!?" to which I responded with "I am!" Tears welled up in her eyes and she started to squeal like a little girl, then she started to giggle and laugh. She was so excited Poppy. She was making me laugh and I kept telling her to "Shhhhhhhhhh, people are going to hear you. Stop it". But she just couldn't hold it in.

Every second that we had alone together that day she would talk about you and how excited she was for me. She gave me some good advice and it was SO nice to finally be able to be excited about you with someone else who understood exactly how I'm feeling. But shhhh don't tell your dad. He'll be jealous that I told someone and he couldn't.


Future Mama said...

Awww, I'm happy for you too! And I won't tell anyone! :o)

Kiki said...

Hahaha! I just knew I could trust you. ;)

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