Jan. 22, 2009

Um, WOW! I'm confused. So charting my temperature isn't as easy as one might think. As it turns out there's a whole lot of rules to taking your temperature! I'm supposed to be in a restful slumber for at least 3 hours before my temperature should be taken, then once I wake from my slumber I can only make the slightest movement to grab the thermometer and place it in my mouth. All of which has to be done at the exact same time every morning. Then I have to get up and check mucus and uterus placement... things I will not indulge you in. Just be happy with the fact that you don't know what I'm talking about and you don't want to. To top it all off I'm supposed to be looking for a "dip" in my temperature. After the dip there should be a "jump" in my temperature which means I have ovulated. Well I had the "dip" but not "jump"! My temperature dropped about .5 degrees but then it went right back to it's normal spot at 97.7 degrees. So what does that mean!? Did I ovulate? Or did my room just get really cold? I'm going to be honest here... I'm a little lost.


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