A Painting

Hormones are bloody brutal! One minute I think I'm perfectly sane and the next minute I'm sobbing at a car commercial. It became obvious that I'm a little out of wack when the thought of having someone visit me makes me shake in distress. So I decided to calm myself and self medicate by painting. I dedicate it to you Poppy. One day when you are born I shall hang it in your room. And you'll know that I loved you long before you arrived.


Alice Kytler said...

As soon as I read the words: 'one minute I think I'm sane, the next I'm sobbing at a car commercial' I had the hugest smile on my face. Ah, yes, hormones, I remember that. When I was pregnant sometime I would find myself crying and laughing at the same time, crying for gods only knows what and laughing at myself for crying!

Kiki said...

OH! Tell me about it! I'll have the craziest freak out then instantly start laughing at myself because I have no idea who just possessed my body for the past 54 seconds!

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