Would You Eat Your Own Placenta?

I like to consider myself a pretty open minded individual most of the time. Maybe once I'm a mom I'll close my mind off slightly to certain options and become more of a tight ass but I'm sure I'll do it for the most part to protect my children. However I am not yet a mother and still have fairly loose cheekies. So to speak. TODAY, my so called open mindedness was severely challenged! And I am DIEING to know what other people think.

So today I was reading an article on Baby Center and my mind is in a whirl. I had heard here and there, mostly in jokes or from funny movies that I never once thought to take serious , about "eating the placenta" after birth. Never once did it occur to me that people actually did this. That is until I read Momformation this morning. Kristina Sauerwein, the author of the blog talks about a woman who cooked up her placenta using recipes found at this disturbingly creepy blog known only as the Log Blog: Placenta Party.

I can't eat lamb or veal because they are babies. And I restrict my meat consumption to chicken and fish because I want to be responsible for as few deaths as possible but I've eaten things like blood pudding and Jellied Pigs Brain, not of my own free will of course BUT I ate it! I can not fathom eating my own placenta let alone someone Else's! I just can't wrap my brain around it. So I can't help but ponder the question have any of you eaten it or thought about it? And if so, did you do it with the belief that it would help restore postpartum hormone levels or did you have another reason for doing so? And for curiosity's sake did you have to drink yourself into a stupor like I would have to in order to dice up my own placenta and season it just so? Or did you coax someone else into cooking it for you? Please tell me your experience I am suddenly compelled to find out more about this subject.
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