A Balloon Sized Grape?

Mar. 20, 2009

I'm 8 weeks pregnant, you are the size of a grape and I look like I swallowed a rather large balloon. My belly is huge! There's no hiding it either I try and suck it in but to no avail. It's just too darn big. One day while in the kitchen I lifted my top and told your daddy that I was growing more then one baby in there. His eyes popped out of their sockets and he said "Do you think?! What if it's twins!?" I told him if it was twins we were moving to a bigger house. Then he told me that he's been wishing for twins! WHAT!? WHY would he do that to me!? Two babies!? That would mean 24 poopy diapers a day! And what about my poor boobs?! Or my belly!? I can't have a floppy elephant skin belly, all stretched out to no man's land. Call me shallow but I can't be folding up my belly and tucking it into my pants every day. I realize how selfish I am sounding and there is an up side to having two babies at once... I wouldn't have to get pregnant ever again. However, regardless of that one major factor it's not enough to convince me that twins would be a fantastic idea. Your father on the other hand hasn't stopped dreaming about twins since.


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