Auntie Laura

May. 18

Your Auntie Laura is so excited about you that she won't stop calling your daddy. He says that she's called him every single day since she found out about you, sometimes twice a day! This is highly unusual of course because the two of them don't really converse over the phone. So your daddy is starting to feel a little overwhelmed by her sudden burst of chattiness. I think it's hilarious. So I'm guessing by her jubliance that she's going to make certain that she's your favourite aunt. You'll like her. She's a lot like me in ways, only a little more wild and a little more outspoken and lots of fun. Of course by the time you can read any of this I'll likely have lost all of my wild and fun side. So when ever you get the chance remind me that I need to loosen up a little. One of my biggest fears about being a mom is that I'll take it too seriously and forget to have fun. Don't let me get too serious Munchkin. That's going to be your job, to keep me young and full of life. I may make it challenging at times but I think you'll be able to handle it. And in the mean time if I've forgotten my fun side you'll have Auntie Laura to teach you.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm flattered...a blog all about me!!! That was so sweet Kim...but I don't call him twice a day silly...anymore...maybe it was a lot at first but I'm just so excited! You look fabulous by the way...all baby belly!

Kiki said...

hehehe I know you don't, any more. But when I wrote it... you were. ;) lol

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