Restroom PLEASE!

May. 11

You may not know this but pregnant woman can't hold their liquid very well. When there is a baby bouncing on your bladder it makes it difficult to keep anything in for very long. So needless to say the toilette and I have become very good friends. I'm telling you this tid bit of information because I need you to understand the agony of an Ultra Sound.

Ultra Sounds are bitter sweet really. On one hand you get to see your little baby for the first time hanging out inside your womb. On the other hand in order for the ultra sound to work you have to have a full bladder. I can't hold much liquid for longer then 15 minutes. But I was expected to chug a liter of water before arriving at the Ultra Sound appointment and THEN they make you wait for 10 minutes before they take you away to a very dimly light room with a bed and a computer. You lay down on the bed where a bunch of cold jelly is squeezed out onto your abdomen and the lovely lady holding a probe pushes down on your belly with said probe for 30 minutes. I laid there holding my pee in as best I could for what seemed like 4 hours. Every time she pushed down I thought I was going to knee her in the head. I'm not a violent person but my body was telling me jump off that table and PEE for the love of God! I couldn't even see the screen she was looking at which seemed so unfair. Why did she get to see you and not me?! If I had a baby to look at I might be able to forget that my bladder was on the verge of bursting.

Just about the time I was about to nod off to sleep the lovely probe lady disappeared. Thankfully only a minute later she reappeared with daddy! That could only mean it was time for us to get our first glimpse of you. The lovely probe lady put the probe back onto my jellied belly and the picture on the computer monitor jumped and then there you were. Just chilling out. You were all relaxed, arms at your side, feet up in the air and legs crossed just like you were hanging out on the beach catching some rays. And no matter how much lovely probe lady poked at you you didn't budge from that position. You'd open your mouth from time to time. Probably to yell at her for disrupting your beach time. Your daddy made some sounds of aw and excitement every time you opened your mouth. And then it was over. Probe lady printed out a picture for us to hang on the fridge and I ran out of the room to find the nearest washroom!


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