Daddy's Day

June. 21

Today was Father's day. I was hoping that your daddy would be home today to spend time with us but he's working as usual. He's out making money and a better future for us, being the best man he knows how to be. I bought your daddy a card and a gift from you seeing as you can't exactly do that for your self any time soon. You're gift to him is the 1st season of a show on TV called The Flight Of the Concords. It's a wacky, odd ball, sort of musical about 2 musicians who are really quite clueless about life in general. One day maybe you'll watch it and either love it for it's retro weirdness or completely dislike it because it's humour is lost on you, much like your father and Monte Python, which I love! But he doesn't get it. No body is perfect right?

The rest of the day you and I spent on the back patio of my parents house with my daddy and mom. Memere Lucie, Great Grandpa Ken, Uncle Steve and Auntie Megan were there too. I felt like we were all living in the south on an old plantation, sitting in the shade, sipping on lemon ice water, swatting the bugs away and staring off at nothing in the back field. Such a lazy day.


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