Got a Pickle?

May. 8

There is a purple dress in my closet that I've been dieing to wear. It's so cute but it shows my belly SO much. I haven't really told anyone at work yet other then Heather, Jenn and Cristina. But I wanted to wear that dress so bad! So I decided wearing the pretty purple dress was how I was going to tell the office that you were coming.

I curled my hair, pulled on my dress and slipped on a pair of hot pink strapy heals, grabbed my purse and trotted off to work excited for the day ahead.

I sit at the very front of the office so as people walked in I yelled "I"m going to be a mom!" Soon enough I had a crowd of excited women surrounding me asking for details and rubbing my baby bump. Not surprisingly everyone seemed to all ready know I was pregnant. But I already knew that. It only took about 5 minutes before I realised that I didn't like this much attention because that's when I suddenly became flushed with heat and my armpits started itching. My pits itch when they're about to release an unusual amount of liquid. I never sweat! So when I do the glands in my pits put up a big fuss about having to work.

Apparently the dead give away that I was indeed preggers was my vast and unusual change in eating habits. Heather said that once I went from eating rabbit food, to eating sausage and potatoes there was no doubt in her mind that I was eating for two. I guess I should have hid that better! Normally I don't really like meat but I'm SO hungry all the time! Speaking of which, I could really use a pickle.


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