Mother's Day

May 10

Today is mother's day. And what a better gift for a mom then to tell her she's going to be a grandma?! Right? Well daddy didn't come home until this morning from his golf trip with the guys so we missed the mothers day breakfast we were supposed to have with his mom. As soon as he got home I forced him into the shower because he smelled like man, prettied him up and jumped in the van hoping to catch Grandma on her way out. But no dice my little buddy. We missed her. So we left her card on the tv stand where she would find it when she got home.

The card looked just like a save the date card for a wedding. The front said Save the Date and when you opened it there was another card that said 10 - 31 - 09. Behind the card was a piece of satin brown ribbon that when you tugged on it pulled up a picture of me with a baby bump, a giant grin and me pointing at you in my belly.

Next stop was Memere's and Grandpa's house. This wouldn't be a surprise at all though. I'm positive my mother has known from the beginning. She stares at my belly when she thinks I'm not looking. Apparently she doesn't think i have very good peripheral vision.

When she opened her card she didn't even bother pulling on the brown satin ribbon. No, no... she just started shouting "Are you pregnant!?" I would reply with "MOM! pull the ribbon! Don't ruin my card" she ignored me and yelled again "Are you pregnant?!" "MOM pull the ribbon! You suck!" Finally rather then pull the ribbon like she was told to do she just rips off the the back card to find the picture underneath and she jumps up to hug me. She called me a brat And I called her a jerk for destroying my card.

My dad doesn't show excitement ever. You just get a big goofy grin from him instead. Not only did I get a big goofy grin but I also got a goofy hug to go along with it.

Night came fast and we arrived home early so daddy could go to bed and catch up on all the sleep he lost while he was on his trip. There was a message left for us on the phone from Grandma congratulating us on our very exciting news, and with that our day was complete.


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