Oh Baby The Places You Will Go

June 9

Your daddy has taken to calling you Monster as of late. I guess Poppy didn't suit you any more. I think Monster is kinda of cute though so I get the feeling that nick name is going to stick.

I saw your cousins Leigh Anne and Hayden on the weekend. They gave me a book to read to you while your are in my belly. It's called Oh Baby the Places You will Go by Dr. Seuss. I'm supposed to read it to you as often as I can while you are all cozied up in my tummy. Studies show that if I do this now, once you are born and I read it to you out loud you will recognise the story. This will apparently create a bond between us early on in your life. But I forgot it at Leigh's house!!!! Of course I did! I can't remember anything any more. I had no idea how bad the so called Baby Brain would be. But everything they say is true. I can't retain any thing any more. My short term memory has taken a temporary leave of absence for an undisclosed period of time. So for now, until I get my book back I sing to you. I hope you like The Mocking Bird song! Because you are going to be hearing a lot of it.


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