Baby Mozart

June 10

I read once that if you play classical music for your baby that it may develop I liking for the music which will calm and sooth it when upset. There is also speculation that it will help your baby to develop faster as well as further develop it's level of intelligence. But there is no proof of that of course. But I thought I'd give it a try anyway. Classical music always brings me a sense of general contentment.

Today while at work, I found a web site of the top 100 Mozart songs. I plugged in my head phones, wrapped them around my belly and pressed play. Much to my surprise you started to swim around in there. It wasn't a bouncing or kicking movement, but more so a swishing. Almost like i had a gold fish swimming in my tummy. I'm not sure of course, but I think you like it!

I've been trying to get your daddy to get his Guild Guitar back from your Papa so that daddy can play to you while I nap. But so far I've had no luck. I think that if daddy plays to you while you are in my womb that when you are born and he plays to you that you feel calm and content. So I'm going to keep trying. Until then you're going to have to be content with Mozart little one.


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