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June 29

So apparently one more lovely symptom of pregnancy is the leg spasm. From time to time I'll be laying down getting some much needed beauty rest and upon waking from my restful slumber I will stretch my legs out much like the cat does. That's when I'll notice periodically that my calve muscles tense up. Of course it's never anything major that I can't handle, it's laughable even. Today however I whimpered rather then laughed.

I was in a foul mood upon arriving home from work so I decided I should sleep it off. When I awoke I stretched out my legs as usual and my left calf muscle tensed up so much I thought it might curl up into a ball under my skin! OUCH! I bounced up into a fully wakeful position, grabbed my calf tightly and rubbed vigorously in a useless attempt at soothing the increasing pain. I must have been moaning or whining because the dog came running to my rescue. She paced the edge of the bed whining with me but to no avail. When she realized her valid attempts at comforting me were failing she decided she would be of more use if she was closer to the source of the problem and up she jumped onto the bed to continue her whining and whimpering at the foot of the bed.

I have NO idea what your father was so consumed with because he was only a room away from us but the racket we were creating didn't cause him once to wonder what was going on. Until I hollered out "KEVIN!" He appeared like Super Man in the frame of the bedroom door only milliseconds later wondering if I was dieing I'm sure. "How do you get rid of leg cramps?!" I asked with much impatience in my voice. So he quickly grabbed my calf at the back of my knee and applied pressure while rubbing in circles and instantly my muscle relaxed allowing the dog and I to as well. Whew! That totally SUCKED!


Nanny Dee said...

Hi -- just blog hopping from Mom Bloggers Club and found you.

Your blog is so pretty and your writing style is wonderful (I know I'm gushing!). I checked out your profile to see if you were a writer or designer and linked to your other blog, which is beautiful as well and full of great finds!

I hope you don't mind if I stalk (er...follow) you!

Dee :D

Kiki said...

Well Hello Dee! A pleasure to meet your acquaintance. I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself here. Feel free to stop by and visit any time and I'll do my best to entertain.



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