Story Time

June 27

Today was your cousin Malcolm's 1st Birthday party. I drove up to Lisa and James' house with Leigh Anne, Mandi and Hayden. Hayden wanted me to take you out of my belly so he could see you. He's so cute. I think that the two of you will be good friends one day. The great thing about seeing them today was that Leigh brought the Dr. Seuss book they gave me a month ago that I left at their house. So now I can finally read to you!

Which is exactly what I did. I sat my bum down on the couch, made sure I was cozy. Mika sat on the arm of the couch and Kota laid at my feet while I commenced to read Oh Baby The Places You Will Go. I'll be honest I hadn't really expected anything astonishing to happen. I just assumed that you heard me talk all day and therefore wouldn't distinguish between my normal chatter with other people and telling you a story. Well once again I was so very wrong.

After about the 3rd page into the story you started to flutter around like there was a bird trapped inside my belly. That's the best way I can describe the sensation of a baby moving around in your tummy. It really does feel like you swallowed a bird and it's frantically fluttering around trying to find it's way out. Of course you were not trying to find a way out. You were just responding to my voice and somehow knew that I wasn't talking to just anyone but was in fact talking to you.

By the end of the story I was in tears and trust me it's not an emotional or touching story by any means. It's silly and goofy just like any other Dr. Seuss story but the very last words written on the last page are something along the lines of "I'm so excited to meet you". So of course I couldn't help but cry because I really am so very excited to meet you Monsie.

The Picture attatched was me trying to get a good aerial view of my belly so you could see what I look at while I talk to you but my arms aren't long enough!


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