Tummy Punches

May. 27

I felt you jump around last night. I was relaxing on the couch, fighting back the sleep that was trying to drag me down into oblivion, when suddenly - thump, thump, just under my belly button. Almost like you were knocking. I smiled to myself and pictured your tiny little fist punching away at my tummy. Your hand couldn't be any bigger then a small raisin. I slowly let the sleep take over after that and had silly dreams to the commercials that were playing on the TV.

Today was another midwife appointment with Genevieve. You're heart rate today was a healthy 148 beats per minute. I learned that the placenta is in the right position and that it is anterior. Meaning that it's at the back by my spine. Of course I had no idea what that really meant. Apparently it means that when you grow I'll be able to feel you more because there will be nothing in the way of you and my belly. Which made daddy happy. So hopefully that means I'll be getting more evening punches from you. We can hang out on the couch together at night, you'll punch and kick at me and I'll giggle and tell you what's on TV. Sounds heavenly.


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