Wacked Out Dreams

May. 29

Pregnancy dreams are SO weird! and last night I had the weirdest! In this wildly unusual dream my friend Heather and I were both pregnant. We both had the same mid wife, both in labor, and were going to deliver our babies at a birthing center rather then at home. We were in this huge navy blue hot tub just relaxing and chilling out. But Heather was in obvious labor. She would grab onto the faucet every now and then and flinch in pain so I could only assume she was having contractions. Lorn, her husband, was with us, hanging over the edge of the tub. We were all just chatting then suddenly heather had a major contraction and BAM! delivered bed sheets for a babies crib. They were burgundy with a white satin trim! And NO one thought that was odd at all.

Heather was excitedly admiring her new sheets when suddenly a baby popped out. Only Heather had thought she must have delivered more sheets. I quickly reached over and lifted the baby out of the water to her chest and said... "No Heather! You just delivered your SON!" That was when I started crying. Heather grabbed him but he was sealed in a clear plastic bag. I came to the rescue once more and grabbed a pair of scissors that I must have been keeping for emergency purposes hinched in my bra strap or SOMETHING because I have NO idea where they came from, cut a hole in the bag, Heather pulled him out and nuzzled him to her face and chest. I still felt Nothing though. No contractions, no pain, nothing.

Meanwhile Lorn was concerned with the size of his new baby's penis. He thought it must be swollen because it was too large. Then the three of them got up to dry themselves off and I was alone. Still no pain but I delivered a bag full of breast feeding materials.

Weird. So very weird.


Anonymous said...

Now thats a weird dream! Must be all the pickles your eating :)
love libby

Kiki said...

I ran out of pickles!!!!! That reminds me... I need more.

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