The Weekend

June. 14

This past weekend wasn't an overly thrilling one so to speak but a lot of things did happen. It started off with our 20 week ultra sound at St. Joe's. You were a little hyper this time about your photo shoot and decided to hide. The technician made me roll over on my side trying to force you out of your hiding spot. It worked! But we didn't get very good pictures of you this time because you were squirming around too much. Much to daddy's disappointment.

Later that day Grandma Jane and Auntie Ann came over for a visit. They brought dinner and gifts. Grandma brought you a DVD to watch that will help put you (and likely me) to sleep, the sweetest little teddy bear that says a prayer for you when you squeeze it's belly. Daddy thinks it's creepy (I think the bears voice scares him a little), all wrapped up in a blanket for you. Auntie Ann bought you little tiny socks and onsies that match with frogs, stripes, and stars on them. They're so little.

Papa dropped off the guitar for daddy. So now all we have to do is get a guitar string and a new peg to hold the string in place and then we are in the music business baby! Well, daddy will be playing lullaby's for us at least anyway.

On Sunday Daddy, Uncle Steve, Auntie Meg and I went to a giant baby shower for all the pregnant women in town. Which turned out to be a big waist of time. BUT I did get some information that may come in handy AND Auntie Meg and I convinced the guys to take us to the Stoney Creek Dairy for ice cream instead. So the pregnant ladies were happy and that's what really matters. If Mommy is happy then Daddy is happy or so they say.

You should see your Auntie Megan. She's so cute. Her belly is so round and full. But she's had a rough pregnancy. Her body is so muscular and fit that it's fighting all the renovations that are going on inside to accommodate for her little one growing in there. So she seems to be always in pain. BUT on the bright side you're going to have a cousin to greet you when you arrive a couple months later!


Future Mama said...

Awww! I haven't visited in awhile! I'm going to have to go read backwards, this is sooo sweet! So what are you having?! I have to know!! :)

Kiki said...

I don't know what we're having! It's a surprise!

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