You're Fat

June 12

There are a few really dense men out there. For some reason these few men think that when a woman is pregnant it gives them free licence to comment on their weight gain. MOST men know better then to EVER even dare tell a pregnant woman she's fat. But of course there are the odd few who ate lead paint chips in their youth and never did get back those couple thousand brain cells they killed off.

There is one man in particular that I know. He supervises the maintenance staff in my office building. The fist time I realised he was one of the unlucky few to have 0 common sense with women was when I walked into the building one day and he approached me arching his back as far as it would go, filled his cheeks with air like he was a blow fish, and walked towards me as if he may have shoved a large pickle up his rear end. From what I gathered he was trying to make fun of the fact that I had a belly and was trying to tell me I was fat without using any logical words.

I didn't laugh at him like he was hoping I would, rather, I stared at him as though there must have been a large monkey hanging off his back that was throwing it's own feces at him. I continued walking towards my office without uttering a word.

You see if he was smart he would have understood by my reaction that I wasn't overly amused by his mockery. But of course that must have been asking too much because today he came to me and said "You're looking different lately" "oh ya?" I replied. "Ya" he said "It must be because your fat". Nice, i thought to myself. "OH, that's nice" I said as sarcastically as possible. "Next time, I may punch you in the face. So watch yourself" Woops! did that really come out of my mouth? Yes, Yes i think it did. So munchkin the moral to this story is; if you want to keep your teeth, don't call a pregnant woman fat.


tara said...

please tell me he did not really say that!

Kiki said...

Ya, well apparently some men are a little frightened of pregnant women and blurt out stupid things in their presence.

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