Nastiness is a Sunny Walk in the Park

July 2

Daddy and I are trying to get the layout of our new kitchen ready for renovation before you arrive. But so far I've been told that every single element I want for the kitchen can't be done. For a pregnant woman who has crazy amounts of hormones coursing through every fiber of her body making her a ticking time bomb of emotion, it's not going over very well with me. I keep having to hold back the tears, take a deep breath, tell myself to relax, stop to think of a new solution without freaking out and start over.

Your daddy thinks I'm being nasty. But he has no idea just how pleasant I am being. If I were to let out the crazy that is festering inside he'd realize the so called "nasty" was a sunny walk in the park.

After much deliberation and compromise I think we've come up with a final plan. It's going to cost a pretty chunk of money that I am prepared to part with but your father is having trouble coming to grasps with it. I've been ready for 3 years to gut the kitchen regardless of the costs so I'm handling this a little better then your father. He'll be ok. I think. But of course after the kitchen is done we have your room to complete equaling more money. He may have a couple panic attacks here and there before he gets a grip on reality. I however am super excited!


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