The Baby is Coming!

June. 4

Yesterday Daddy and I went to my Auntie M's house to celebrate Mandi, Uncle Steve, and MeMere's birthday's. The highlight to the entire evening was when Hayden, your 2 year old cousin, asked auntie Megan and I to take our babies out of our bellies so he could see them. We tried to explain that we couldn't take the babies out until they were ready but he insisted that we show him.

So Auntie Megan laid down on the floor and lifted her top so Hayden could have a good view of her baby bump. That's when he insisted that I do the same. So there we were, Megan and I laying flat on the floor, belly's bared and laughing at Hayden's sheer excitement of it all. That's when Auntie Megan's' belly started to move around because the baby in there was trying to find a comfortable position. Well Hayden nearly jumped out of his pants with excitement, ran to find his uncle Larry and tell him "The baby is coming! it's coming!" Only he was so excited that he couldn't get it out fast enough and stuttered the whole time. But we all got the gist of it. I'm pretty sure Mandi got it on video so maybe you'll get to see it one day.


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