Punishment From the Inside

June 16

It's becoming more and more obvious that you are already taking after me and you're not even born yet. I'm not entirely sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing at this point. So far as I can tell you do not like loud noises, you're a bit of a night owl, and you do NOT like change.

As soon as daddy and I started remodeling the kitchen our schedules changed. I went from getting home from work, cooking dinner, sitting down and eating dinner while having a nice conversation with daddy, cleaning up the house and sitting down on the couch to relax, then shower and off to bed, to coming home, eating quickly, tossing everything in the garbage, and not sitting down until 10:30.

My body venomently rejects any form of physical activity lately. My back spasms, my stomach muscles ache, and my feet swell up like little hobbit feet, minus the curly hobbit hair. The only relief I get is going strait to bed. You, however are making certain that we know how opposed to this new schedule you are by doing the only thing you can from your cozy nook, nothing. You have done absolutely NOTHING for 5 days. No kicking, no jabbing, no squirming, no flutters, Nothing. Which has me a little worried. The only time I know you are alive is when you shift around while I sing to you.

You bent my arm back as far as it would go and I've decided to succumb to your will. Yesterday i did nothing. Unless you call showering, napping, and reading a book, something. I cooked dinner at the stove just like usual and you started to squirm. We sat and ate dinner while having a nice conversation just like usual and you started to kick. I cleaned up after dinner, had a shower and sat on the couch to read a book and you fluttered about contentedly. Then off to bed I went at my regular time and you decided then that it was safe to come out and play but I fell asleep. I'm not so sure you did the same.

At around 2:00 AM I woke slightly to an itch on my belly. I lazily scratched at it in a sleepy haze and that was the end of my sleep. The second my nails made contact with my skin you responded with a flurry of kicks. I laughed and tapped back which was rewarded with a rapid amount of jabs to my tummy. I swear you must have been using all four limbs in sequence to have hit me as fast and as many times as you did. I laughed again and said "Ok, Ok, relax, sheeesh!" But relax you did not. It was play time and you were not going back to sleep. After all we had 5 days worth of playing to make up for. I fell asleep eventually but you carried on using my insides as your own personal bongo drums for the remainder of the night. I think it needless to say mommy is pooped today.


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