Sensitive Ears

June. 10

Yesterday I discovered a little something about you. You do not like loud noises. Not in the least. Last night your father was tearing up the peal and stick floors in the kitchen. They were stuck on so good though that he had to get a chisel and a hammer to wedge them off the floor. Because of that there was a lot of loud metal on metal banging of which you did not approve of. I could feel you trying to move away from the noise.

I would wrap my arms around my belly to try to shield you from the sound but I doubt it worked very well. I tried to take you away from the noise at one point and walked into the living room but daddy had the stereo up loud so he could hear it over the noise he was making in the kitchen. As I walked past the stereo the music was at it's loudest and you scurried from one side of my belly to the other as fast as you could to get as far away from the music as possible. Poor baby. I felt so bad. I hid in the computer room after that, until your daddy stopped banging and we could finally rest our ears.


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