Friends from Afar

Aug. 28

Approximately a year ago I found this fantastic web site that I completely adore called, where you can find nearly anything hand made. I happened upon on one shop within the site by the name of Lovems1 that I instantly fell head over heals for. Nancy, the owner of the shop creates these wonderful security blankets for children created from the softest, fluffiest fabric, combined with the cutest and cuddliest stuffed animals you've ever seen. I think I've now bought 5 for all the babies in my life. I even intend on buying one for you but I'm holding out until the day you are born so I can have your name embroidered onto it.

Not only do I have a fantastic place to shop for baby gifts but I've also made a really good friend in Nancy. I truly do adore her. She's considerate, sweet and interesting. She may have been the very first person to know you existed besides your father and she's been nothing but supportive and excited for me. Today I received a package from Nancy with a beautifully wrapped gift and card addressed to your daddy and I. My original plan was to wait until I got home from work to unwrap it with your daddy but... that plan quickly changed course. Then I decided I would just unwrap a corner of it to take a peak. But once the corner unveiled a soft white knit SOMETHING I had to rip my way into it to see what it really was!

Monster you should see it! It's this beautifully made white baby blanket with a popcorn stitched trim all the way around, divided in the middle by a bunch of squares each with it's own letter of the alphabet inside each of the squares. You are going to love it! Especially seeing as you will be born near winter and will likely be wrapped up in it a lot. You're one spoiled little baby and you're not even born yet!


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