E-mails From God

August 30, 2009

Last night I went to bed and I told God that I was starting to get concerned about your birth. I asked God to give me a sign if I should be concerned and if I would need to be in the hospital in case of an emergency. That very night I had a dream that God wrote me an e-mail and told me that if I hadn't had you by the 2nd that you were definitely coming by the 5th and that I wouldn't need to leave the house. But now I'm confused! The 2nd or the 5th of what? September, October or November?

If it's September then you will be 2 months early and that's an emergency situation that will definitely be handled in the hospital. Not to mention they won't even let you come home until October 31st.

If it's October you are still 4 weeks early and I'll still have to go to the hospital. The only way that message makes any sense is if you are born in November. Which of course is entirely possible but in my dream after reading God's e-mail I knew that it meant you were coming early. So Either you will be a November baby and you will be delivered at home safe and sound. Or you're going to come earlier then planned and I'll be having you in a hospital. Well... That is of course if you believe in dreams. But if you know anything about me then you know I put a lot of weight on the messages in my dreams, because they are usually true. My gut tells me that you are coming early October. If that is the case then I'll be ready for you because God told me in a dream that you will be safe and of that I am certain.


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