A New Life

I've spent the past 3 days painting a rather large and colourful painting of a baby tiger named Tidoh, running through a jungle of vibrant flowers. It's the very first painting of it's kind but definitely not the last. I've painted canvases for children before but not like this one. This one is special. This one is far more beautiful then anything I've ever done in my children's series of art. This painting is going to be hung on the wall of my niece or nephew's room.

I stayed up last night until 3:00 in the morning to get it done. I felt a sudden urgency to complete it and I wasn't going to bed until every last detail was perfect. For a pregnant woman who is low on iron and ALWAYS tired that is just unheard of. But I wasn't tired. I had determination and energy like I did before I became pregnant. I was on a mission.

Today is my Dad's birthday. And my mother is having a dinner party to celebrate. So naturally I kept telling myself that I was going to bring the painting with me to give to Auntie Megan and Uncle Steve while I was there but every time I pictured giving it to them my mind envisioned me walking through a hospital coridor on my way to personally give it to my brand spanking new niece/nephew. (I swear they're having a girl but lately I've been wrong with my instincts)

Shortly after 3:00 I dragged daddy off the couch where he had passed out into a deep slumber and put us to bed where we stayed until daddy got up to go to work. I grabbed onto the head board and pulled myself up to a sitting position and jumped out of bed to call my dad and wish him happy birthday. While on the phone with him Auntie Helen picked up the line (my parents and my brother live next door to each other and share a phone line). She informed us that Auntie Megan and Uncle Steve had been at the hospital all night, Auntie Megan had gotten the epidural and was resting when Helen had left them around 3:00 in the morning to get some rest. And now I'm waiting.

I'M GOING TO BE AN AUNT TODAY! AN AUNT!!!!! Monster can you believe it? My very own niece or nephew to love and cherish. My baby brother is going to have a baby. And you are going to have a cousin. OH My GOD! I'm so happy I'm crying! And... I'm waiting. I hate waiting. I really do. I've been waiting for no more the 18 minutes and I'm already twitching. So I guess all my instincts haven't been wrong. I knew I had to finish that painting last night.


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