Damsel in Distress

When I was a teenager I used to faint a lot. Not a particularly interesting piece of information to be giving away but I do have a point. I passed out on a stairwell at high school once, and fell all the way to the very bottom and according to my Vice Principal, would have cracked my head open had he not caught me at the very last minute. An ambulance came and took me away to the nearest hospital where they poked and prodded me for an hour. We got locked our examining room too because there was a schizophrenic loose in the halls making lude gestures to all the nurses who tried to assist him. It was a pretty fantastic day for me to say the least.

Why am I telling you this?, well because it's started again. It's been about a week now but I've been passing out again. Actually that's not true. THIS time, because of my experiences back when I was a teenager I know how to recognise the signs and prevent the actual passing out in public. But it's not any more appealing.

This morning I was on the bus on my way to work when suddenly i started to feel very ill. My body started to sweat, and my skin began to tingle. I knew what was coming next so I tried to relax myself and lay lower on my seat but it only progressed. It was too hot on the bus, I needed to get off. But I was afraid of being week, and stranded on some strange street with no way to get home. I debated the possibilities. I was still pretty close to home. If I got out and laid myself down on someone's front lawn I would likely be ok. If I stayed on the bus I was with a lot of people should I pass out and need help, but dear god how awful would that be. Guaranteed they would see a young pregnant girl unconscious, panic and call an ambulance and I would spend the remainder of my afternoon in the hospital being poked and probed again.

I got off the bus. Found a really nice patch of cool green grass and plopped myself down on it. The instant touch of the cool grass jerked me out of the nausea slightly. Good thing daddy bought me that ugly pink cell phone too because I used it to call him to tell him what was happening, work to tell them I was going home, and a cab to take me there.

So I spent the day at home today, sleeping, replenishing fluids and consuming fruit sugars to increase my blood circulation. According to Kristin my blood circulation is lowered when I'm pregnant which causes circulation problems in some women. I need to eat constantly to keep my sugar levels up which will increase my circulation and I need to make sure I take my iron supplement because if I don't have enough iron, then I could be low on hemoglobin. If I'm low on hemoglobin then there is not enough oxygen being transferred through my blood to my organs and therefore causing me to pass out. Well la tee da... these were all things that I all ready knew but didn't consider that it would be happening to ME! I was wrong. Once again I am reminded that I am not indestructible. You kicked and poked away at me the entire time reminding me that I wasn't alone.


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