A Stormy Night of Creativity

Last night was the best thunderstorm I've seen in a long time! I can't wait until you and I can sit out at night, wrapped up in blankets, candles lit and munchies at hand while we watch in awe as a fantastic thunderstorm passes over.

You may not like them at first. I know I didn't. My father had to force me to sit on his lap one night under the sun deck and watch one with him. I've been a fan ever since. But before that I would run screaming down the street with all the neighbours following after to find out if I was dying.

Something fantastic came with last nights storm. My hunger to paint returned! It's been 6 months since I've painted! I keep telling everyone that you've sucked the creativity out of me. It truly saddens me that I haven't wanted to paint. It's honestly my true passion in life. Maybe this means my dry spell is over.


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