All That And The Kitchen Sink

Sept. 4

There was a family invasion at our house this weekend. I'm sure you heard all the ruckus. Auntie Laura, Uncle Dylan, Grandma Jane, Grandma Gil, & Grandpa came over to give a giant push to the continuing renovation of our little home. Floors got ripped up, electrical got installed, saws, drills, dust, sneezing maybe even some crying... It got a little crazy. I had a nap while everyone was eating lunch. But when I got up the chaos resumed. Then suddenly they all left. My little elves all left and the house was silent. But man did we get a lot done! I have a kitchen! Food, real food! will be cooked, and dishes will be washed in a SINK! A sink i tell you! Oh how I love sinks. Wash dirty dishes in a bath tub while 8 months pregnant and then tell me you don't love the height, the silvery shine, the large drain and spray arm of a kitchen sink. I shall never take my sink for granted again.


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