Super Fantastic Mom

Want to know how super fantastic your mommy is?! Of course you don't, but I'm going to tell you anyway and you are going to listen and love it because I said so. Do you recall me telling you that I've been trying to win a video baby monitor off of ebay but that every over bearing mother and their pet parakeet have been out bidding me? Well guess what your mommy did last night! That's right I stole out into the dark of the night and I sabotaged every one of those mommies keyboards with a maple syrup & hot water cocktail. Lets see them out bid me NOW. Actually as cool as that would have been to do it just wasn't cost efficient, transportation wise. But I WON anyway! That's right! Your super fantastic mom just out bid every one of those parakeets and got a $229 Summer Infant Video Monitor for $81! Yes I did. WOO! I feel good. There will be no sneaking out of your cage now little one!


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