Special Delivery!

Sept. 1

Did you know that I don't have a vehicle? Do you have any idea how difficult it can be to get around town purchasing much needed baby stuff with out one? Lets just say it hasn't happened except for the one day Lisa took me out. However I'm learning very quickly that sometimes internet shopping is far cheaper then jumping in a car and driving up to your local baby store to grab a few lusted after items.

Ebay is a god send. I was looking at breast pumps and choking on air when I saw the prices they want for a decent, easy to use pump. $169. for a mid range one. $350 for a good one and then they go into the $1000's for the serious milker. I don't much see myself as a milk factory so I was aiming for the mid line pump by Medela for around $169. Then I decided to see if ebay had any brand new pumps up for bid. Guess how much I got it for?! 80 bucks baby! Of course that started an obsession, I've since been looking for baby carriers, car seats, camcorders, baby bedding, and monitors. Speaking of monitors I've been watching at least 10 of them and bidding on most but I've lost ALL of them! People are so darn competitive over baby monitors! People keep sweeping in under me and snatching my monitor away! It's a fancy one too. I can walk around the house or the yard with it in my hand and be able to watch your every move while you sleep. It even has night vision. So if I happen to feel like doing a little mid night gardening at 3:35 in the AM I'll be able to see if your sleeping or if your attempting to break out of your cage. Cribs are remarkably similar to cages.

Anyways... what I'm trying to say is cross your fingers for me cause mommy wants her fancy monitor!

Your baby crib bedding came in today and J'adore! It's so pretty, that when the crib is set up and your bedding is in I may crawl in for a nap. Don't put it past me either. I hunted and hunted, looked at over 260 different bedding sets and this ONE is the only one I truly loved that matched your room. AND the best part? It only cost me $133. Which is way better then the $250 sets I was disappointed with. I really wanted to make your bed set but my sewing machine is broken and I have a kitchen to worry about... Yes yes... the kitchen is STILL not done. Don't talk to me about it, or you may shatter my carefully pieced together calm.


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