The Begining

Shhhh.... don't tell anyone but today is the day I predicted you would be here and today is the day that my contractions really started. I'm timing them now, and they are about 20 minutes apart and are lasting about 50 seconds. I have to wait until they are about 5 minutes apart and lasting for 60 seconds so it could be a while yet... but it's a start. I'm not telling anyone yet though. That's all I need! More phone calls... hahaha.

I must admit these contractions are not what I was expecting. They don't feel nearly as painful as my miscarriage contractions were, but they are much more uncomfortable. My tummy tightens right up and takes on an almost squarish shape from my view, and it feels like you are pushing down hard on my colon. Which is not cool! I want my intestines left out of this. They've been through enough torture over my life span and I've recently found a way to keep them and me happy. Do we have to relive the past? Really?

I was born with intestinal issues which grew to major issues the older I became. They caused me a great deal of pain, discomfort, and tears over the years. So much so that I couldn't walk or breath at times. However I did gain an unnatural tolerance for pain. About 3 years ago a supplement called Greens Plus was introduced to me and ever since then I can honestly say I've been cured. No pain. No tears. But the pain I experienced for so long has given me great faith in the fact that I can get through labor with little to no problems. And so far I can say I'd prefer labor. But right now I get a 20 minute break in between the pain. So really, how is that comparable. Wish me luck!


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