It is officially 3 days away from your due date and so far everyone is driving me nuts. The phone doesn't stop ringing, the e-maill messages keep pouring in and the drop in visits have begun. And I'm exhausted. I sleep all day. Which I can do, because I'm on vacation! Yet every time I try the phone rings, and then rings again, and then again... and again. I yell profanities at it and yet it doesn't stop. So I turned the ringer off and left a message telling everyone that I need some peace and quiet. So now they are calling your Daddy and driving him nuts.

Why so many calls? Do people seriously think that we wouldn't tell them if you had arrived? Do they not understand that your name will be shouted from roof tops at all hours of the morning, and that NO one will sleep until everyone knows that the sweetest child ever to exist has finally graced us with it's presence? Seriously?! I don't mean to be rude, but, Leave us alone! lol... I mean, there's such thing as showing interest and concern but EVERY SINGLE DAY!? sometimes multiple times a day? It's getting to be a little bit much... Mostly because it's a reminder of just HOW pregnant I am and how uncomfortable I'm getting. Just let us live in a bubble of quiet for now, because it won't last. Not to mention, I'm fairly confident that you are going to be at least another week. And a week more of obsessive phone calls is hard to take patiently. ;) On the positive side, people are obviously excited that you are coming...

But I need to be left alone. I'm creating a bubble of calm. I need to be calm, unstressed and confident to get through your eagerly awaited arrival. I need to be mentally prepared or I'll crack from fear. There is no room for fear here in my bubble. I have only room for excitement and solitude. The key to getting through labor naturally is completely believing in the fact that you can do it. And due to the fact that you don't seem eager to leave your warm room under my lungs I get nervous that you will be late and I will have to be induced. The word induced means only one thing to me, PAIN. So no STRESS! And anytime you want to come out that would be great!


Priscila said...

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Kim said...

Priscila, I most certainly will be visiting your blog site frequently. It's exactly up my alley of interests! Thank you for stopping by!

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