Cleaning my Monitor

You are not going to believe what my baby infected brain did today. You may or may not know about the alleged baby brain. No one knows what causes it or if it's really real. But every woman who has ever been pregnant will tell you that she can not retain information, or she fumbles words, forgets the names of her loved ones, or even what she did an hour before. Well mine experience with baby brain was a little more interesting then that.

I was sitting peacefully at my desk, content with the warm cup of decaf I had just made for myself and took a big gulp while reading an e-mail a co-worker had just sent me. Only in a matter of seconds I had already forgotten that I had just filled my mouth with liquid and decided to let out a big sigh. As i heaved out my giant sigh from my lungs I also splurged out the entire contents of my mouth. I spit hot coffee all over my computer monitor! I figured out my error mid spit and rapidly closed my mouth hoping I managed to control some of the damage but the mess was already done. Theodora, the girl sitting next to me sat there staring at me in bewilderment. Then she laughed and asked me the obvious question... "Why did you just spit all over your computer?!" Just keeping things interesting... that's all.


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