Scary Raspberries

12 weeks

It's so fascinating to watch you learn. We can actually see it happening. This past week you have been watching our mouths with increasing interest. When we talk to you, you often stare intently at our mouths to watch how they move. I started saying the word "tongue" followed by sticking my tongue out at you hoping you will understand what it is called. You now will stick your tongue back at me and smile boisterously. I've been trying to teach you to smile when I say "smile" but that is proving to be a little more difficult.

One day while propped up on my legs I started blowing raspberries in the air. The noise startle you so much that you jerked back wards in shock. Your eyes got big and wide, your eyebrows raised up and almost touched your hair line, and your mouth winced back with concern. I laughed so hard at you that my cheeks hurt, but you maintained your look of extreme concern for what had just came out of my mouth. Eventually when you saw how happy I was you loosened up and started laughing at me in silence. I wish you could see yourself do this. You open your mouth really wide and your head tosses back slightly while you cheeks bounce up and down. It's so friggin cute! Anyways, you were happy again so of course I couldn't help myself and made the raspberry sound again. "pfffbbbbbbbbtttttt!" My lips vibrated together as the are came rattling out from between them making loud tooting type noise and you smile vanished instantly, you tossed your self backward again, the look of shock plastered all over your face again and I burst out into laughter once again. We repeated this game a couple dozen times until you got used to it.

Now you watch and laugh while we make the noise and you're trying very hard to duplicate it on your own. The other day you started flipping your bottom lip back and forth making a little clicky noise. I encouraged you to continue and even played along with you so you knew that I had acknowledged your accomplishment. Then yesterday you did it! It was very brief and I'm not entirely sure you knew you did it properly but you did. You're so smart.


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