I Love Blanket

14 weeks

You're growing and changing at such an incredible rate. It seems so fast and yet so slow. It's so strange to experience sometimes. Your growing out of all your clothing before you even get to wear some of them. You have the cutest little baby boobies from all the baby fat you've packed on. You've discovered in the past 2 weeks that you have hands and how much you love to shove them into your mouth. You're hands are always covered in slimy saliva not to mention that you've stopped swallowing and have taken up drooling. So I'm constantly covered in baby drool. Soon enough you will be grabbing at things. I can slowly see you developing the realization that you can hold things in your hands, only you haven't grasped how to go about doing it just yet. You do however grab your blankets and pull them up to your face. You love to snuggle up in your blankets when you're sleepy and when you pull them up to your face you smile and wiggle with contentment, which makes me laugh to myself because to this day I do the very same thing. There is nothing better then the feeling of jumping into a warm cozy bed while pulling your blankets up to your nose as you squirm about to get comfy and relax your muscles. You seem to share this same appreciation for blankets.

We've put you into swimming lessons once we realized how much you love the water. I would put you into the bath tub and you would toss your limbs around in every direction, leaving very little water in the tub and drenching me. So you've been in swimming lessons for 4 weeks now. You have cute little Hawaiian swimming trunks with palm trees on them. You are the youngest in the group and quite possibly the cutest. Daddy and I get in the pool with you and you thrash around while on your back, or you just lay there and relax while taking in the scenery. This past week we dunked you for the very first time. You came up with a very shocked look on your face while looking at me for comfort and if I hadn't been laughing at you and cheering you might have started to cry but seeing as daddy and I were so excited for you, you calmed down and realized everything was ok.

I'm always watching you. You fascinate me. Your giant blue eyes, soft pink cheeks, pouty little lips and long luscious eye lashes captivate me. I just want to squeeze you and smother you in kisses. I can tell already that I will try to bend the world to suit your fancy. I only want you to be happy. I've been told several times to keep you up all day so you will sleep all night. But you get so miserable when you are tired and my response to them is "I'd rather loose a few hours of sleep every night then have him be unhappy during the day because he's tired" Besides, I understand what it's like to be tired and unhappy. I'm not a happy camper when I'm lacking sleep. Ask your father... he'll verify that fact with ease. So you and I will be afternoon nappers. We'll sleep together, snuggled up with the blankets to our noses in the warmth of the afternoon sun and we'll love every minute of it.


Stephanie said...

He is precious!!!

Kim said...

Thank you! I inclined to agree.

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