Baby x 2

19 Weeks

This past week you and I have been waking up at 5:30 AM to get ready and take off to Uncle Steve's and Auntie Megan's house to watch your cousin Ryleigh. Grandpa was going to do it but he got offered a job at Dofasco so he asked if we would mind taking that responsibility. And of course we, with some apprehension but not much, accepted the honour. Much to my surprise watching the both of you was the best time I've had in a long time. Ryleigh is very independent and doesn't mind playing on her own as long as we're there to keep her company. You on the other hand would rather be held close and watch her play. But by the end of the week I could tell that you were beginning to catch on to Ryleigh's independence. You decided it was time to try sitting on your own, and much to my surprise you're pretty good at it. You can hold your self up for longer then I would have expected for your first time. You're wanting to stand more, and you seem to be noticing now that other people, including Ryleigh are putting food in their mouths with utensils and not boobies. Ryleigh is very vocal about how yummy her food is, and every time she gets a spoon full and says "Mmmmmm" you, standing in her exersaucer, lean in as close as you can, lips puckered together, neck pushing forward and say "mmmmmmmm" in unison. It's pretty darn cute.


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