Rice Cereal Sucks

24 weeks

WOW, you are developing so rapidly. So many things are changing. You can sit up all on your own. You finally learned to use your Jolly Jumper for something other then standing in and watching your drool fall slowly to the ground. You scream loudly every time you get excited, you drink from my mug, and the biggest change of all is the eating of solids!

According to everyone you talk to at 6 months of age I am supposed to introduce you to rice cereal. It is supposed to be the easiest to digest and the least likely to create an allergic reaction. You however HATE IT! You were so excited to see that I had a spoon full of food that was actually coming toward your mouth, you wiggled and opened your mouth wide for me and then as soon as the spoon was out you were grimacing in disgust. If I didn't know better I would have sworn I just shoved a spoon full of cough syrup into your mouth. I tried over and over but the look on your face never changed. Your father and I concluded that maybe you just were not ready for solid food. Maybe you didn't like the texture yet. Maybe you needed to get used to it.

So we waited another 2 weeks and tried again only to find you had not changed your mind. You definitely did not like rice cereal. So I looked it up on line and found out that there is no reason why I should have to feed you rice cereal. In fact I found out that maybe I shouldn't. I found research that stated that grains were too complex a carbohydrate for your young intestines and that I should really be feeding you simple carbs. I also read that rice cereal is over processed and full of preservatives that are not good for you. And then I found out that bananas, avocados, and sweet potatoes are what I should be feeding you. So off I went to Canadian Tire to buy you a Magic Bullet to help me make my own food for you. Turns out you love all three of those foods! YAY!!!! I'm so excited. You don't like blueberries or pears though. Which brings me to the conclusion that you don't like the granular texture of those foods, which also explains the rice cereal.

There is only one thing that upsets me about all of this and it's the same thing that upsets you. Your poop has changed. Not only is it a solid little turd in your diaper, it stinks, and it seems to hurt your little bum hole coming out. You scream out in pain every time it comes out and then I have to sooth and comfort you. I feel so terrible when it happens. So I'm only feeding you breakfast and dinner. Every other time is breast milk, that way you have more time to get used to your newly sized doo doos.


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