Sleep Success

21 weeks

Have I ever told you how proud I am of you? Not likely at this point in your life I suppose. But I am. I am so proud of you. You are so smart. It took no time at all for you to realize that when I put you in your crib at night that you need to fall asleep on your own. You've never had to before. You've always been lulled to sleep by either your father or I. But the very first time I decided you needed to try it on your own you did it. No tears, no fits, no drama. I almost cried I was so proud of you. I was warned by so many that you would cry for hours and I told them "No he won't. I will not leave him to cry." And I didn't. You started to fuss and I stayed with you for as long as it took for you to understand that I was not going anywhere until you were sound asleep. You woke up the first time to cry, but only make sure I hadn't abandoned you. After that you did great. It's been a week and you've been sleeping all by yourself the entire week. I am amazed at how well you've done. We have you on a very strict routine.

7:30 - Naked fun time. This is when we strip you down to your diaper and we play until you are screaming with delight. You really like being in just your diaper. So much so, that your father and I may need to start wearing ear plugs during this time just to save our hearing.
8:00 - Bath time
8:15 - dry, massage, put Pj's on, swaddle
8:30 - Feeding
8:45 - Story time
9:00 - Bed time.

It works like a charm.


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