Naked and Loving It

Aug. 18 2011

We started potty training you at 8 months. It was nothing serious I just thought that the earlier I introduced it the easier it would be when you were ready. Turns out you loved the potty! You peed on it every single time I put you on. You would even do the sign language for it and giggle while you were on. But then the dreaded teeth started to come in at 10 months and you lost all interest in the potty.

Recently I noticed that you don't give any warning or sign like most toddlers would as to when you might be relieving yourself in your diaper. How was I supposed to stop you mid way and put you on the potty to teach you, if I had no way of knowing when you were going?! So off came the diaper. I couldn't mistake your actions now! There was a few times where I was walking from the living room to the kitchen that I would step in a warm puddle while on my way to check on dinner, but most of the time if you'd pee you stop to splash around in it. So most of the time I knew where the puddles were before the ghastly surprise of warm liquid soaking through my socks.

Eventually you started to understand the sensation of having to pee and that you shouldn't just let it go where ever you were. So as you were about to aim a stream of pee at one of the kitchen floor tiles you'd yell "pee pee!" and then let it rip. That kept me on my toes. I'd sprint over to you, cut you off mid stream and plop you on the potty. You didn't always like that but for the most part you were pretty accepting of it.

It didn't take long before you were grabbing my hand and dragging me to the bathroom while saying "pee pee?" When ever you did this your daddy would get overly excited and hoot and holler "YAY!!!!! PEE PEE JACKSON!! YAY PEE PEE!" I understand that he's trying to give you positive reinforcement but man is he loud. If ever you join a sport I already feel for you dude. Your daddy is going to be the loudest parent on the bleachers and I hope for your sake that you're not easily embarrassed although by then I'm sure you'll be used to his boisterousness. Be proud, he adores everything about you. He really is your biggest fan.

Anyways, back on the potty track! So basically we have you completely naked when you are at home. You like it best that way. Most of the time you know not to pee where ever, when ever. But you've recently rejected the potty and will only pee in the bath tub. It's a start though. Better the bath tub then my bed. Which has happened on occasion. I usually find out when you grab my hand and pull me toward daddy's and my bed room while saying "OH no!" and pointing at the large wet spot in the middle of my comforter.

Regardless I think you are doing pretty good. It's a long journey but we're patient and having fun with it. We just bought you a new potty, because you rejected the last one. The dog chewed up the seat of it and the new seat we bought never quite fit properly. You seem to like the new one. And we coax you with chips. You are a chip monkey. You'll do just about anything for a chip. I hid a bag of them in the bathroom cupboard and you managed to prop your potty up against the wall and open the cupboard, step up on the potty, tippy toes and all and grabbed the chip bag, dragged it out to the living room, sat down in front of the TV with it and watched cartoons. Your father didn't even notice. I just watched and laughed. You're so cute.


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