A year came and went with nothing distinctively exciting to speak of. Your father's company picked up in business rapidly, I designed his web site for him, we went camping and brought home a couple million ticks with us which completely sucked but was other wise very educational. Barack Obama became the first black President of the United States. Hillery Clinton was the first woman to have ever run for President. We went to Cuba with Uncle Steve and Auntie Megan. Daddy flew in a plane for the very first time ever and survived. And the best thing that has ever happened to us occurred.

It was the middle of November and I was talking to my girl friend Cristina at work one day. She was complaining about cramps that she'd been having all day. (If you don't know at this point why a woman would complain about such a thing then stop reading this book, come find me and ask why) At that point I realised that I'd been having cramps for about a week now. Which for me was very unusual. I usually got cramps for a day and then my monthly friend would arrive to tell me that all was as it usually is. I rushed back to my desk to look at my calendar and realized my friend was now 7 days late. But she's NEVER late! How odd. At first I thought nothing about it. It wasn't much of a concern. She would eventually come when she felt like it. But once one of the ladies I worked with told me I might be with child and should take a test, suddenly you were all I could think of. Could it be? Were you finally coming? It occurred to me then, Alicia and Sumitra were both pregnant! I was the only one of our original threesome that was not. I couldn't be pregnant. That would be too much of a coincidence!


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