Private Issues in a Very Public Place

Upon the realization that I was "late", that night I took a bus from work to the local Mall to buy some wine glasses that i was planning on etching a pattern into to give to my Uncle for Christmas. But once I got to the mall I found myself in Shoppers Drug Mart scanning a shelf full of pregnancy tests. On the bus ride to the mall I had fallen asleep and had a dream. That very dream told me that I should buy a test once I got to the mall.

So there I was reaching for a First Response Pregnancy test when I was absolutely certain that I didn't need one. But my dream told me I did so maybe my subconscious knew something that I hadn't picked up on yet. I decided then that I would take the test at the mall. There was no point in taking it home to do it where your father could see it only to get him anxious over nothing. So I trotted through the cafeteria over to the ladies washrooms and found myself a nice clean stall. I made myself comfortable, opened the box, and pulled out a test stick. I followed the directions exactly as the box instructed, then laid the stick right side up on a flat surface and proceeded to wait for the three full minutes I was told it would take before I got my results.

Only as soon as I laid it down the result window had two pink stripes staring back at me. I quickly grabbed for the box and re-read the directions. 2 pink stripes was a positive, 1 pink stripe was a negative. I stared at those 2 pink stripes for what seemed like an hour but must have been only 4 minutes. But they didn't fade into 1 stripe. No, rather they stayed exactly the same, definite and bright announcing your existence.


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